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Women's Center of Greater Danbury

Domestic Violence Hotline: (203) 731-5206
Sexual Assault Hotline: (203) 731-5204

Internet Safety: WARNING

You may not be able to prevent an abuser from reading your emails and monitoring your internet activity. If you are in danger, try to use a safer computer (at a friend’s house, at work, at a public library, at an internet café). If you think you are being monitored, you probably are. Trust your instincts. It does not take any special computer skills to use programs that read all of your emails (both sent and received) and know every site you visit.

Ways an Abuser Can Track You

  • Accessing your email (incoming and outgoing)
  • Watching the internet sites you visit
  • Reading your instant messages
  • Know your location and/or where you go by using a GPS in your car or on your cell phone (you may not know it’s there)
  • Viewing your cell phone records and/or listening to your messages
  • Using phone services to see who you call, who calls you, etc. (again, you may not know this is being done)
  • Accessing your text messages

If possible, do not email the Center. Call the Hotline (203) 731-5204. And remember using a corded phone is safest. We also have safe 911 cell phones available free of charge.

Call our HOTLINE to safely plan around technology dangers!
(203) 731-5204

Location & Contact

Women's Center of Greater Danbury 
2 West Street
Danbury, Connecticut 06810

Counseling/Administrative Headquarters:
Ph: (203) 731-5200
Fax: (203) 731-5207

Local Hotlines:
Domestic Violence Hotline: (203) 731-5206
Sexual Assault Hotline: (203) 731-5204

National Domestic Violence Hotline:
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
1-800-787-3224 (TTY)


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