Coaches as Partners

Working to end violence

A project of the Sexual Violence Prevention Collaborative of Fairfield County, made possible by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation.

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The Sexual Violence Prevention Collaborative consists of five local nonprofits working together to eliminate sexual violence across the 23 towns and cities that comprise Fairfield County. SVPC’s inaugural project, Coaches as Partners, works to engage youth sports coaches and athletic directors in the prevention of sexual violence. Our goal is to bring awareness and education about the critical role athletic leaders play in promoting an inclusive and respectful sports and school culture. The Sexual Violence Prevention Collaborative is funded by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation’s Fund for Women & Girls.


Our game plan is to build partnerships with coaches and athletic directors, who often spend more time with students than many teachers or family members. Our premise is that these individuals wield a significant amount of influence on their athletes and can shift the paradigm by modeling prosocial behaviors and demonstrating what it means to be an ally in ending sexual violence through knowledge of the issues and expansive intervention tools.

“Sports involvement is associated with pro-social values and skills among youth, including accountability, social cohesion, and self control, all of which are sexual violence prevention factors. In addition, athletes and coaches are frequently viewed as leaders within their local and sport communities and can have enormous influence on changing the paradigms related to masculinity, aggression, and acceptability of sexual violence.” – How Sport Can End Sexual Violence in One Generation, RALIANCE

Participating Organizations


Through interactive workshops, Coaches as Partners gives leaders in the athletic community the tools to shift the culture and end sexual violence.

The titles of these workshops are:

Understanding Sexual Violence Prevention Within Sports Culture

Through discussion, participants will explore the dynamics of sexual violence Through discussion, participants will explore the dynamics of sexual violence and the many attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that contribute to a culture that perpetuates and sustains sexual violence. Resources for supporting victims will be discussed, including Title IX and reporting options.

The Diversity of Youth Identities & Challenging Gender Stereotypes

Participants will collaborate with facilitators to challenge stereotypes around gender that inform interactions, relationships, and student experiences in school and in athletics. This training also explores the diversity of youth identities with particular focus on gender identity, expression, and sexualorientation. Participants will gain knowledge and best practices to create a culture that provides equal opportunities for all students.

Bystander Intervention: Creating Social Change

This training explores different bystander intervention techniques that coaches can utilize to challenge problematic beliefs and interrupt all forms of sexual violence. Participants are given the opportunity to brainstorm how they would intervene in realistic scenarios and how they can create a school culture of respect and inclusion.

To explore bringing this project and its accompanying workshops to your school or community, reach out to us at Search #CoachesAsPartners on your favorite social media platform to join the huddle! For a downloadable flyer of these programs Click Here