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Women's Center of Greater Danbury

Domestic Violence Hotline: (203) 731-5206
Sexual Assault Hotline: (203) 731-5204

Healthcare Providers

Sensitive Response to Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Assault

This training is specifically tailored for social workers, counselors, health care providers, police, EMT’s, lawyers and other professionals.

It explores the dynamics and impact of domestic violence and sexual assault, offender profiles, identifying and responding to a victim, risk assessment and initial safety planning, safety net of referrals, understanding victim resistance to intervention, documentation, safety planning for the professional’s contact with an abuser and self-care strategies for the professional (as secondary victim).

For the Healthcare Provider, this curriculum can be tailored to meet the specific needs of:

  • JCAHO Standards
  • Impact of Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Assault on Pregnancy, Delivery and Maternal Bonding
  • Emergency Room Response to the Sexual Assault Victim
  • Intersection of HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault for the Non-Infectious Disease Provider

Identification and Response to Victims of Human Trafficking

The focus of this training is on sexual exploitation and forms of trafficking that take the guise of domestic abuse (mail order brides, domestic servitude, nannies, etc.) and sexual assault (prostitution, pornography, etc.) Participants learn:

  • The definition and dynamics of trafficking and its impact on the victim
  • How to identify the trafficking victim
  • About barriers interfering with victim cooperation
  • About the legal rights of trafficking victims, and
  • How to access local and federal resources     

The Link Between Animal Cruelty and Interpersonal Violence

Beyond establishing the link between animal abuse and domestic and sexual violence, this curriculum explores how animal cruelty is used as a control tactic in both domestic violence and sexual assault, recognizing animal abuse, recognizing its impact on human victims, and supporting safe interventions for both the animal and human victims.

CUT IT OUT: Salons Against Domestic Violence

This curriculum is based on the CUT IT OUT program developed by Clairol Professional, the National Cosmetology Association and Southern Living At Home.

The program has three components: building awareness about domestic violence, supporting local programs, and education of the salon professional.

While we can assist a salon in implementing the first two goals, our focus is the educational seminar wherein professionals learn to (1) recognize the signs of abuse, (2) respond sensitively to disclosures, and (3) refer clients to help both through displaying of posters and cards but also, when appropriate, by supplying resource information. This seminar is designed for one hour and it can be tailored to fit your schedule.

Location & Contact

Women's Center of Greater Danbury 
2 West Street
Danbury, Connecticut 06810

Counseling/Administrative Headquarters:
Ph: (203) 731-5200
Fax: (203) 731-5207

Local Hotlines:
Domestic Violence Hotline: (203) 731-5206
Sexual Assault Hotline: (203) 731-5204

National Domestic Violence Hotline:
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
1-800-787-3224 (TTY)


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