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ACT OUT, our live interactive theater experience is a creative and innovative approach to educating, raising awareness and effecting social change utilizing professional and highly trained student actors in theatrical scenarios depicting real life situations.

Our menu of scenarios includes dating violence, bullying, hazing, sexual harassment and sexual assault (which include acquaintance and date rape and the dangers of date rape drugs.) Selections increase as we also create scenarios to address issues from current news events such as school shootings or video-taped bullying/beatings shown on the internet.

Facilitated by our educator, audience members are allowed to interview the actors, who remain in character throughout the presentation. This engaging form of socio-education opens lively and thought provoking discussions that force the characters and audience members to confront personal and societal views on the presented subject matter. During the interview portion of the program, we educate and inform not only about the presentation issue but also about risk reduction, victim support, red flags or warning signs, bystander/upstander options, how and where to get help, and the aspects of healthy relationships and strengths and skills that protect an individual.  

This format is recommended as a stand-alone exploration of an issue for large audiences or as a pre- or post-discussion opportunity for students who have completed all or portions of our three day Healthy Relationship Series.

Performances can be adapted for elementary, middle, high school, college and adult populations.

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Local Hotlines:
Domestic Violence Hotline: (203) 731-5206
Sexual Assault Hotline: (203) 731-5204

National Domestic Violence Hotline:
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
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