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Women's Center of Greater Danbury

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Classroom or Residence Hall Programs
Any of these programs can be adjusted for college adults and campus life. Also, these programs can be adjusted to train RAs, Orientation Leaders, etc. how to sensitively respond when confronted with a disclosure from a student:

Healthy Relationship Series:

Healthy Relationships and Dating Violence

In this program about Dating Violence, students first explore what they consider healthy in a relationship before learning what behaviors are unhealthy: physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse. (40-50 minutes).

Got Consent? Adressing Sexual Assault

Teens are immersed in an important lesson on sexual assault, consent, laws, acquaintance rape, and more. Our interactive clicker technology allows teens to anonymously input answers for all to see, creating a meaningful and profound discussion. Note: the clicker technology is optional and limited to workshops of 30 participants or less. (40-50 minutes).

Flirting or Hurting? Adressing Sexual Harassment

This program about sexual harassment focuses strongly on understanding and communicating personal boundaries. Students learn laws and consequences associated with harassment. (40-50 minutes).

Gender Images in the Media

Through exploring how media portrays men and women, teens come to a deeper understanding of why abuse and sexual violence are so prevalent in our society. (40-50 minutes).

Classroom programs:

Domestic Violence

This program explores domestic violence on an individual and societal level.  Through lecture and discussion, students are introduced to services, dynamics of abusive relationships, forms of abuse, warning signs, the impact on individuals, families and society.   Finally, students will learn how they can create social change around abuse in our society.  

Sexual Violence - A Culture of Rape?

This program defines sexual violence/assault in all its forms while exploring if and how societal definitions, beliefs, laws, customs and media influences contribute to this “Rape Culture”.   Students will learn through an anonymous, interactive technology system what those around them actually believe, how they act and react.  This program is designed to look at social norms and help students think critically, understand and reduce their risk of victimization, how to intervene and how to create social change.  

Anti-Bully Training for Teachers/Student Teachers

Attendees will learn the definitions of bullying, “mean behaviors” and conflict with regard to primary and secondary education.  This program explores the dynamics of bullying regarding the bully, target, bystander and the entire school climate.  This program offers tips and techniques for creating and managing a bully-free classroom, how to identify and address a bullying situation, how to speak to students and utilize lessons to reinforce anti-bullying and respectful behaviors and how to assist students to become “upstanders” instead of bystanders.

Trauma Sensitive Classroom

In this program, teachers and student teachers will learn the definition of trauma in relation to sexual abuse and domestic violence the effects on a child who has been a victim or a witness to such abuse.   Attendees will learn the needs for healthy child development, the warning signs of a child of trauma and how to handle a disclosure.  Attendees will leave with techniques and strategies for creating a classroom that is sensitive to the needs of all children.

All programs are suitable for college and adult populations. 
Please call for more information, additional programs or for scheduling. 

Contact:  Ann Rodwell-Lawton at 203-731-5200 ext 233

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Local Hotlines:
Domestic Violence Hotline: (203) 731-5206
Sexual Assault Hotline: (203) 731-5204

National Domestic Violence Hotline:
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